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Such a Sweet Story

Updated: Oct 6

She Named Me Wolf by  Tenkara Smart

Review by Ian Conner  Five Stars     

Tenkara Smart deals with the heartbreaking subject of child abuse at the hands of an alcoholic parent amazingly. How “Wolf” deals with it is equally amazing. Reincarnation and ghosts as a coping mechanism is BRILLIANT. With the subject, one might expect a constant barrage of sadness, but Smart perfected the balance. Both Wolf and Polly are totally endearing. The writing is simple, reflecting the child’s point of view. A few things keep the readers guessing. Try as she might to save him, Smart makes the father figure completely unredeemable and quite easy to hate. She does an excellent job of tackling a terrible subject without depressing the reader. You will root for Wolf and his ‘friends’ in all their forms.  

Five Stars. Ian Conner

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