• Ian Conner

Slow Burn then a wildfire

Updated: Oct 6

Time of the Lioness: Internet Apocalypse

by S.B. Redstone

Review by Ian Conner Four Stars

Redstone immediately captures the reader in a vice using greed to betray and set the plot in motion. Extremely well researched he puts the research to good use in a slowly evolving crisis narrative. All perfectly possible he lays it out in short shotgun chapters. Introducing the heroine pretty far in does not appear to have any ill effect. As the crisis evolves so do the introductions to the characters with slowly increasing depth.

Much like what would happen in real life the crisis is a slow burn, smoldering and burning until it bursts into flames and takes off like a California wildfire.

Redstone leaves plenty to think about and leaves readers wondering what happens next for the next installment. 4 out of 5 stars Ian Conner

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