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BOOK REVIEW Upon a Wicked Tide Kate Craft

Updated: Nov 1

Upon a Wicked Tide

Author: Kate Craft

Publisher: Kate Craft --Kindle $4.50

331 pages Published: Oct 31, 2022

A mysterious plague, a mysterious book, and mysterious requests from guardians is how Kate Craft begins Upon a Wicked Tide. What a marvelous tease the first couple chapters are!

“Only what is allowed.” The mysterious book taunts her not to follow her aunt’s instructions.

Thus, Kate Craft sets the atmosphere for her entire book and the reader’s entire journey. Questions, Questions and more questions and few answers to be had at least at the beginning. Kate does a wonderful of introducing the characters and keeping true to them as they slowly evolve over the course of the tale.

The magical creatures in her story are all presented new twists are not the only surprises. Chapter after chapter Kate Craft keeps you turning the pages searching for answers. I was thrilled with the tale and looked forward to picking the book up each chance I got. Job well done and HIGHLY recommended.

Ian Conner Black Raptor Reviews Five Stars

Reviewed on October 30, 2022

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