Just COULD NOT put it down

Reborn The Royal Pack Trilogy Book 1

by Anne K. Whelan & Liz Cain

Review by Isabella Steel Five Stars

Anne Whelan and Liz Cain grip the reader in a vice right away and drag you into the enigma called Aine. The characters are completely fleshed out, with depth and emotion. The intrigue begins the first few pages a never lets up. The author’s style is haunting without being a lingering melancholy. The mystery man, Lachlan, shows up and is not sure what to do with Aine, just like the readers are not sure what to expect from Lachlan. The haunting theme continues as the authors fill in the plot. Sex sells and there is enough to keep things steamy.

Easily paving the way for books two and three, the plotting and pacing are wonderful. I spent a day reading non-stop. Not because of a review deadline but because it was so damn much fun! You will love the characters, love the story and will not want to put this or the next two down without finishing. 5 Stars

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