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Regardless of Consequences

by L.D. Lauritzen

Almost immediately, Lauritzen sets up the conflict between Tall Bear the Sheriff and Tall Bear the Shaman. The following passage epitomizes the two sides.

“His Indian half feared the owl for the danger of death, it foretold. His white half shuddered, believing in the ghosts and haunts his grandfather had warned him about living in these mountains.”

Tall Bear’s father, Grey Eagle, emphasizes the importance of the difference at every turn.

Just as quickly, he sets up the mystery. Why is this plane in the desert so important 75 years later? So important, that the body count rises. What is the government covering up?

They frustrate Tall Bear at every turn but stubborn in his pursuit of the truth.

I have given away enough. Lauritzen’s characters have depth and you can root for your choice. He captures the obstacles facing Native Americans without stereotypes. I read the book in one day, read late into the night, unable to put it down until I got the answers. Full of intrigue, questions and surprises, his book keeps you turning the pages. Most enjoyable.

5 stars for many of reasons.

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