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Kings Mate

by Melissa Blincoe

Kings Mate

by Melissa Blincoe

Review by Isabella Steel Four Stars

Blincoe’s characters are engaging and immersive. Natalie, Rexxor and Lillenth have a Legacies feel to them but certainly have more depth than what you would expect in erotica.

Details regarding the history of the virus and first contact need a bit of filling in. That being said the plotline is clever. The aliens are a masculine bunch and diplomacy allows women to travel to their planet on a volunteer basis.

It is a short book full of romance, sex and a bit of comedy. Blincoe has created an erotic atmosphere of intrigue and anticipation. Her writing is brusque without being crude. Sex scenes are plentiful and of decent description. Travel to another planet, a jealous former suitor and a kidnapping fill out the plotlines. The storyline is logical and the tale is more than just sex. It sets up books two and three in excellent fashion. I sure that they are just as enjoyable as book one and probably more polished than the debut.

Four Stars. Isabella Steel

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