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BOOK REVIEW Syren's Mutiny

The Syren’s Mutiny

Author: Jessica Taylor

Publisher: Jessica Taylor --Kindle $3.99 –Paperback 18.99

361 pages Published: Nov 8, 2022

Jessica Taylor’s first book of her series opens with action and a new approach to the legend. Taylor’s descriptive writing grabs a hold of the reader out of the gate and keeps them in a vice like grip until the last page then entices them to preorder book two, The Captain’s Revenge.

These creatures are not those residing in Disney’s imagination. They show no mercy, wreaking havoc on ships and the sailors who crew them. You can almost feel the cold of the sea and the cold of the syren’s hearts, save our protagonists.

Taylor’s writing captures the imagination without being over flowered. Her prose allows you to hear the cracking of timbers, sinking of ships and sailors meeting their end. Taylor soon fills in an intricate plot with suspense and tension. Romantic tension between our protagonists, more tension between them and the antagonist evil and good on full display. Along the way, Taylor provides some sidesplitting humor and romance.

She masterfully shifts point of view with clarity as well as evolving her characters as the story progresses easily bringing readers to empathize with her characters. She keeps readers turning the pages and refusing to put the book down.

Will family ties be healed? Will evil triumph? Read on to find out and then preorder The Captain’s Revenge to continue the journey. Most ENJOYABLE read.

Ian Conner Black Raptor Reviews Five Stars

Reviewed on November 10, 2022

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