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BOOK REVIEW Resistance by Renee Marski

Review by Ian Conner Five Stars

Renee Marski does an excellent job of tantalizing the reader for what is coming in her novel “The Resistance” dropping breadcrumb after breadcrumb easily paving the way for the future story. The pacing is steady and shocking at the same time. I spent a day reading and rereading picking up more details each time.

I had the feeling I was reading the screenplay for Red Dawn after the invasion without the patriotism and drive to kick the enemy’s backside. The introduction leaves you with a melancholy but wondering what to expect next.

Renee’s style is unpretentious without being artless. She easily leads readers down the path without telling them.

You will love the characters, love the plotting and surprises. Marski sets up the story and wait for the readers to dive in and enjoy the story.

I have been writing since I was a kid. Writing has always been a hobby for me, but this past year I made the decision to publish my first book. It was definitely a long road but I enjoyed every minute of. Writing makes me happy and sharing my work with others makes me happy.

My husband has been a huge supporter of my writing for years, always asking me to write him something. A few years ago we got a puppy and that was an experience all it's own. Just recently, my husband suggested I write a book with our dog as the main character. It made me laugh but also feel amazing that my husband thought I was good enough I could bring our dog to life in a book.

I hope you enjoy my work as much as I've enjoyed writing it. The characters become a part of me, and it's always sad to say goodbye to them when I'm finished.

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