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BOOK REVIEW Blood, Souls and Sacrifice

Blood Souls and Sacrifice

by Donald V. Parker III

Review by Ian Conner Five Stars

Donald Parker takes a classic and reboots into a new spin. Adding new characters to the tale. Parker has a melody to his writing that is pleasant and along with the action keeps you reading. Debra and Richard are like Hansel and Gretel, of vampire slayers taking out toothy fiends instead of witches. The book has excellent dialogue. Until the dragons show up it has a vibe similar to the original Buffy and the Vampire Slayer vibe.

Character descriptions are almost happy.

“one old nun with a tiny, round nose, beautiful brown eyes, and wrinkly dimples…”

The dichotomy of Werewolves and Vampires has almost a comedic tone while keeping the action coming as he builds the fundamental conflict. Parker fills in the characters’ backstory without a long exposition. Bringing dragons into the mix is just brilliant.

Five Stars.

Donald V. Parker III was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. He Graduated from ITT tech and served in the Marine Corps for six years, where he did a tour in Iraq and a small stint in Africa.

From youth, his dutiful mother taught him to read. In his teenage years, he enjoyed various stories told from English literature such as Hamlet and Julius Ceaser but his true love came from video game stories, JRPGs and anime titles such as "Metal Gear Solid", "Legend of Dragoon", "Ronin Warriors" and "Neon Genesis Evangelion". These stories inspired him to write his first fantasy novel series,

"The Verse of Estoria".

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